On board courier

On board courier in india

On Board Courier in india

On Board Courier also shortly known as OBC is basically, a flier also known as delivery men hired by a delivery/ Logistics company such as Nirvaan Infracom to escort cargo via commercial aircraft. They’re passengers whose excess luggage allowance and sometimes extra paid baggage (when weight is more than permissible baggage limit) is used for quickly shipping goods or documents domestically and between two countries. This is a very popular mode of transportation for any critical shipments in western countries. Last few years India has seen an increase of this mode of transportation in leaps and bounds.

On board courier works like clockwork, the OBC company ( Nirvaan Infracom) provides supervised delivery of sensitive, valuable or time-critical consignments in a quick, secure and traceable manner. OBC is the fastest means of reaching the critical consignments to the required destination by far, it is just like physically delivery of good from your premises to destination premises.

OBC is very helpful in case of any logistical, production, medical emergencies Nirvaan Infra has been carrying OBC globally having extensive network around the world and expertise of moving such critical shipments may it be documents, spares, cargo, medicines in shortest possible connections at destination. The carriers / fliers are trained, tested and experienced in such movements and available with required visas to make the trip.