Supply chain excellence

Today's business is about supply chain excellence and the difference is how far an organization is ready to push it. In today’s world of competition product quality and price is the differentiator and is the mantra of market dominance along with robust market reach. How an organization negotiates with vendors, how it reduces transit damages, how lean is the inventory, how strong your customer commitment is ; drives the fate of today’s businesses.

The logistics Industry in India is still not geared up based on the need of such organizations who give utmost care in damage free transportation across India, where roads are not up to global standards. The answer to damage free shipment of goods specially high value and critical shipment is Air suspension trailers which only very few logistics companies operate. Nirvaan is a pioneer in providing air ride trailers in India which reduces damages to zero even in the worst of road conditions.

Sometimes critical situations require drastic measures, where freight cost becomes irrelevant due to certain unforeseen situations. Fastest means of transportation may save millions of USD which may result in loss of production or sales. In such cases Nirvaan provides unique Hand Carry Cargo within India and internationally from anywhere across the globe. Provided with Onboard Courier Service ( OBC) where a person travels with the critical cargo from airport to airport which avoids any offloading of shipments and cargo is booked in baggage along with the escort. This service can be arranged in a very short span of time and hand carried in the fastest available flight which can save days for top urgent shipments or critical medicines