• Current Pandemic is an eye opener to our understanding of Global supply chain processes. During the last 4 months only the most agile and flexible organizations were able to survive the ordeal of reorganizing their supplier base moving them out of their most vulnerable locations. It has been a great learning process for the entire Purchase and Supply Chain eternity both in terms of procurement and also in terms of distribution. Logistics Industry has played a crucial role to help businesses function during this time of crisis.

    Another thing happened during this period, the great labour migration. Almost the entire driver fraternity moved out of circulation and for most of the logistics service providers the wheels stopped. We at Nirvaan also faced a similar situation but with immediate action we were able to mitigate this shortfall to a large extent. This was due to our risk assessment systems in place and alternated methods; we were able to service our Customers in a best possible manner even during the crisis period.

    Current Geo Political situations in Asia are now flaring up which will have a direct impact on the Supply Chain of many Industries. Next year or two will be a challenging time in managing to maintain the sourcing and distribution chain globally and especially in India.

    We as a logistics partner are fully prepared to service our customers with best solutions to support their supply network. .

    By Ravi Agarwal

    Managing Director